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About Us


StatMasterGolf is an Excel based program for golf coaches to track team and individual statistics. More than this, it is a complete system to set goals, provide feedback and identify strengths and weaknesses.


StatMasterGolf was developed by golf coaches for golf coaches. It has been updated to coordinate with the stats that most coaches require for each of their players.


Each StatMasterGolf program is customized for your team. This includes school colors, logos and coaching staff.

Getting Started with StatMasterGolf

Team Template Roster Entry 1

Team Template

The Team Template is where you enter your golf Team Roster. You may enter up to 15 Player Names. These names transfer automatically to all of the other worksheets. Any additions to your Team Roster are made on the Team Template. 

After playing in a match or tournament, the resulting golf statistics will display on the Team Template. Scores, Opponent & Course information and results will show on the Team Template after each competition.

These statistics will display on all relevant worksheets automatically!


Automatic Scoring

Team Template showing scores after 3 competitions

Scores from any Matches, Tournaments or Jamborees are automatically added to the Team Template. 


Team Scoring Results shown on Team Template


Team Template showing Updated Scoring Averages

Team Summary

Team Summary Stats


The TEAM SUMMARY Worksheet is a concise summary of your team's performance.

Setting Team Goals


Goal Setting and Performance Tracking are an important feature of the StatMasterGolf Program. On this worksheet, the coach can choose which Stats to track, set Goals for those Stats and instantly see Performance Data for the entire team after each competition.



In the above illustration, Goals for Putts/ 9 Holes, GIR, FIR, 3-Putt Greens, Sand Saves and Penalty Shots/ 9 Holes have been input.

The Team Summary


The Feedback provided on the TEAM SUMMARY Worksheet will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of both the Team and each Individual Player.

Each Time your Team plays in a Competition,  StatMasterGolf automatically Calculates and Transfers the Scores and Stats recorded to the other worksheets. 

All  Averages are automatically Updated!

Opponents Worksheet

Entering Opponent School and Player Names


The Opponents Worksheet is where School and Player names are entered. After input, these names will be available in a 

DROP-DOWN LIST for each Competition. 


Input School and Player Names (Up to 75 Teams with 15 Players per Team.

Input School and Player Names up to 75 teams with 15 Players per Team. During a competition, these names will be available in a Drop-Down List.




The COURSES WORKSHEET is used to input information about the courses that your golf team plays. Entering this information makes it available for each Match, Jamboree or Tournament played in a Drop-Down List on the Matches and Tournament Worksheets. For each Course, input COURSE NAME, TEE PLAYED, HOLE-BY-HOLE PAR, COURSE RATING and SLOPE. 


Even if the match is played for 9 holes, you must enter all 18 holes of the course played. If it is a nine hole course, input the par twice. Once for a Front Nine and again for a  Back Nine. COURSE RATING and SLOPE MUST BE ENTERED for each COURSE. 


After entering OPPONENTS and COURSES on their respective sheets, StatCards are ready to be printed


The Blank StatCard

. Choose PLAYER, COURSE played and OPPONENTS (MATCH) from Drop-Down List or Fill in Tournament Name


The Hole-by-Hole Par, Course Rating and Slope will Fill in automatically from the COURSES Worksheet.

Player fills in the StatCard during the competition. Stats are then entered on the appropriate Works


The Completed StatCard

These Stats are easily entered on a MATCHES or TOURNAMENT Worksheet.

The Tournament Worksheet


After Players have turned in their StatCards, the Coach transfers the Stats to the appropriate worksheet.

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Once all Player Stats are entered for your golf team, they are automatically calculated and transferred to all of the other connecting worksheets.

Next, we will take a look at a MATCH Worksheet used to track golf statistics for your golf team.

Playing a Match

Match Worksheet


The Matches Worksheet is used for Competitions between 2 or 3 opposing teams. Drop-Down Lists are used to choose Teams and Individuals

Filling in your Team Stats


Upon completion of a match, input your player scores and stats as recorded on the their StatSheets. These are the Stats you chose to track on the Team Summary Worksheet.

Opponent Scores


Choose Team and Player Opponents from the Drop-Down Lists. The order of Opponent Players is listed in the order that you click on their names.

Two Opponent Match


Here is a completed Match against 2 Opponents. All results are Calculated Automatically. Ties are broken with 5th and 6th player scores.

18 Hole Match


If the Competition is for 18 Holes, the Lower portion of the Matches Worksheet will show the second nine.

Match Information


In order to calculate proper stats, it is absolutely Necessary to choose the DATE, MATCH TYPE, COURSE PLAYED and SIDE PLAYED from the Drop-Down Lists. 

All Match results are Calculated and automatically transferred to the appropriate worksheets.

Tournament & Jamborees

Tournament Worksheet


Anytime your golf team plays in a competition with more than 2 OPPONENTS, the TOURNAMENT Worksheet is used to track their golf statistics.

Input the Tournament Type, Date, Side Played, Course Played from the Drop-Down Lists. Type in the


It is mandatory to fill in this information!

Input your Players Hole-by-Hole Scores


Collect your Player Stat Cards and transfer their scores to the TOURNAMENT Worksheet.

Player Stats


Transfer the Player Stats from their StatCards.

Adding Opponent Scores


Clicking in the Yellow Opponent Team box brings up a Drop-Down List of all team names from the OPPONENT Worksheet. Each Opponent Roster is shown.

Choose Opponent Players


Choose Opponent Players by Clicking on Names. IMPORTANT** The players will be listed in the order that they are clicked on.

Opponent Scoring

Confirm Selections


You will be asked to Confirm your Player Selection.



The Opponent Team and Players will be inserted into the 1st available Opponent Team position.

Adding Additional Opponents


By Clicking back in the Yellow Box, another Opponent Team and Roster is chosen. As before, select and confirm the Opponent Players from the list. Continue with all Teams and Players for this competition BEFORE entering any scores..

Opponent Scores


  • Input Opponent Scores ONLY after ALL OPPONENT TEAMS and PLAYERS have been entered. 

StatMasterGolf automatically alphabetizes the OPPONENT TEAMS.

There is space for up to 25 Opponent Teams.

All Scoring positions are automatically calculated and transferred to the appropriate Worksheets.

Player Worksheets

Each Player Has Their Own Individual Worksheet


StatMasterGolf provides Individual Player Worksheets.


Individual Stats and Averages from each Competition are automatically Transferred to each Player's Individual Worksheet.  

Progress Reports May be Printed

Team Position and Comparison to Goals is shown


Each individual player Worksheet gives detailed feedback of Player Performance


 Team Rankings and Team Highlights Worksheets show Up-to-Date Stats.